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The Community Portal is where tutorials on filling in articles and details about the wiki itself goes.


  • E-mail verification and account approval is required to edit or create articles.
  • Deliberate vandalism of the wiki will result in an indefinite block. No exceptions.
    • Raiding will also result in an indefinite block.
  • Making stupid redirect articles and comments on pages are not acceptable, this is not ED.
  • Don't make an an article about a user who isn't really notable, this means none of "I GAVE A TITLE TO GARRY GIVE ME ARTICLE PLOX"


  • Official threads: [[[Category:Broken Archive Links]] The (Un)official Facepunch Forums Wiki], [[[Category:Broken Archive Links]] Complete Update Edition], [[[Category:Broken Archive Links]] The Facepunch Forums Wiki] (currently used), [[[Category:Broken Archive Links]] FP wiki]


Page Notices

  • wip and WIP - Use these on articles you are working on, or that are incomplete.
  • Midget - Use this on small articles with little or no information.
  • deleteme - Use this on articles that no longer serve a purpose.
  • Marked for deletion - Despite the name, use this on articles whose notability could be questioned.
  • Pictures - Use this on articles that doesn't have enough pictures.
  • Uncategorized - Use this on articles which lack any categories.
  • BrokenDueToTitle - Use this on articles that have broken user titles caused by the import system.