The Great Hack of Facepunch

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The Great Hack of Facepunch.

The Great Hack of Facepunch is the name given to an event that occurred during the course of Facepunch's history where user Pentrazemine threatened to hack Facepunch which sparked a series of unfortunate events to occur.


Pentrazemine sent out mass PMs to Facepunch members which contained 10 professional hackers. 'The Great Hack of Facepunch' was originally set to take place on Christmas Day of 2007 but instead took place on Boxing Day, the 26th of December.


Using a trolled account named TheUnknown65, Pentrazemine started a thread called 'The Great Hack of Facepunch' which was flamed within seconds.[1] A few minutes later, one of Pentrazemine's so-called 'hackers', christarpv2, betrayed him by creating a thread detailing Pentrazemine's plan.[2] Pentrazemine then proceeded to troll the Mapping forum by posting "It looks pretty cool, work on the textures though."


garry's ban spree.

Once the attack was over, Pentrazemine's password had been leaked, and the 'hacker' that had sold him out was now posting that Pentrazemine was about to commit suicide on the other thread. Pentrazemine turned off his PC and went to bed. Approximately 5 hours after Pentrazemine's thread was posted, garry banned all people in the thread for 7 days (permaban for some) for 'Posting in a Banme'.


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