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Joined January 2012

Stargatius is a Gold Member on the Facepunch Studios forums who used to change his avatar every day. You generally used to find Stargatius in the OIFY forum section. He was permanently banned from the forums on the 7th of August, 2014. On the 20th of May, 2015, he was unbanned for Garry's Birthday.


Stargatius joined Facepunch on the 7th of January, 2012.[1] He was an active poster in the OIFY. His posts generally revolved around BonziBUDDY,[2] a piece of iconic adware.


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The private message from Stargatius to Purple Robot
The eviction notice from Cabbage sent to Stargatius shortly before his ban.

Before Stargatius was permanently banned, many posters in the OIFY taunted him and criticized the quality of his posts, essentially accusing him of being a shitposter. One prominent example of this would be the video "Stargatius: The Posting Sensation" made by user Cabbage.[3]

Not long after this video and other threads denouncing Stargatius were posted, events leading up to the banning of Stargatius were set in motion. Purple Robot posted a screenshot of the private message from Stargatius that had been instigated by himself into the OIFY.[4] Subsequently, Craptasket banned Stargatius for the content of his private message which he stated that he didn't want to be on the forums. Stargatius' ban history and posts are in part what caused such a minor infraction to be the source of a ban.

In a Refugee Camp thread made by Stargatius, Craptasket stated that Stargatius could come back in a year.[5]


Many members of the OIFY community actively campaigned in the OIFY and in the General Discussion forum section to unban Stargatius. seano12 created of numerous threads in the OIFY whose purpose is to get Stargatius unbanned, even going as far as creating a one-man "meme" called "The Good Luck Squidward of Stargatius" that failed miserably.

In addition to seano12's efforts in the OIFY, he also created the official petition to unban Stargatius.[6] rbreslow recieved a 3-day ban for posting the petition in General Discussion for support of Stargatius. After rbreslow's first ban, and after a considerable amount of thought, he created another cleaner and better presented thread, which first got him banned by Blazyd, before being later extended into a permaban by Craptasket.[7]

While the campaign failed as many expected, Craptasket's word stayed true and Stargatius came back on the 20th of May, 2015, as part of Garry's Birthday, and has since kept things clean for the most part.


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