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Source Filmmaker
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Source Filmmaker was a Facepunch sub-sub-forum for anything related to the Source Filmmaker, a film making tool by Valve. Many people posted their movies and posters in this section. This section also contained useful tutorials and resources for the SFM.

After the 2012 promotion of Valve Games and Mods to a forum category, the sub-forum became a forum section. During the 2014 forum section reshuffle, this forum was taken off the front page, but not deleted, making it hidden. It was still accessible via direct link, and while it had seen sprinkles of activity, it was largely vacant of activity, with many of its users having migrated to a Megathread, located in the Valve Games Discussion forum section.

Sometime around the 22nd of November, 2017,[1] the forum section was moved over to the New Sites Forum, the third following the moving of the Rust and the Garry's Mod forum categories, where it was made a sub-forum under the Valve Games forum section. After the Valve Games forum section had been turned into the Team Fortress 2 sub-forum (whilst Counter Strike, Half-Life and DOTA once more became their own sub-forums), it ended up dragging SFM down with it, turning it into a sub-sub-forum.


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