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Joined July 2010
Banned November 2017

Sobotnik is a user who joined Facepunch in 2008 under the account Emperorconor, and was originally permabanned in August 2014. He posted frequently, particularly in Sensationalist Headlines.

He is most well known for the opinions he has posted over the 10+ years he has been on the forum, which could at times be incredibly controversial. A photo of himself, sitting indoors wearing a fedora, scarf, and sunglasses, ended up becoming an in-joke for a short time, earning him the title "Massively autistic, fedora wearing, opinionated child" at the time. He would later toxx that he would eat his hair if North Korea went through with its threats to bomb the United States,[1] which earned him a new title stating his promise. After the buzz from his toxx wore down however, his title was changed to "AUTISMAL FEDORA WEARING MASSIVE RUNNING JOKE - PRAY CROHN'S DISEASE KILLS ME," but currently, it is "Proudly supporting the JIDF."

He was unbanned in 2015 for Garry's Birthday, but he reportedly lost his email and password.[2] However, by June 28th of that same year, Sobotnik had managed to regain control over his account.[3] He continued posting until November of 2017, when his controversial opinions reached the event horizon, when he revealed a rather gnostic interpretation of transgenderism and transsexualism, which resulted in intense drama with Zillamaster55, a fellow member of the Facepunch RP Group whom they have helped in the past in regards to coming out as trans, among others he's helped (a decision that Sobotnik, in his now infamous post, felt as though was among the mistakes he's made in life).

The two of them would be banned for bringing in personal drama, with Zilla requesting a month-long ban as to calm down (a decision that wasn't properly communicated by the moderators). In the end, Sobotnik requested that he be permabanned. Fortunately, according to someone that knows him well, Sobotnik has agreed to "seek some kind of help or at least speak to some real trans people beyond the ones that hurt them," as to avoid another situation such as this one.[4]

Sobotnik is seen as the founder of the Facepunch RP Group, creating its first RP, as well as a core member of said group.


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