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Sensationalist Headlines
"News gets more informative the more outraged you are by it."
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Sensationalist Headlines is a Facepunch forum section. It existed for many years as a sub-forum of General Discussion called In The News, before being renamed and transferred to a sub-forum of the News Node, which was renamed In The News Node. It was then made an independent forum section during the 2011 forum section shake-up.


In Sensationalist Headlines (SH), users may post articles from news outlets for discussion among Facepunch users. A typical SH thread will include a link to a single news article, the text of the article, and sometimes a comment by the user. Sometimes multiple articles may be used, or a "too long; did not read" (TL;DR) may be included, but this is not always the case.


SH is home to news puns, a popular type of ratings whoring. SH is known throughout the rest of the forums for being full of uninformed, opinionated, psuedo-politicos and is a popular spot for debate on current events.