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Rust is a game created by Facepunch Studios.

Rust Key controversy

The message posted on Brativka VG's page.
Not long after the launch of Rust, the game was "leaked" to many popular sites such as Reddit and others. It got an appeal for being "a mix of DayZ and Minecraft". At first, only Gold Members had a chance to get a Rust key, which caused masses of people to buy Gold Membership just to try and get the access to Rust alpha. This may have led garry to remove the ability to buy Gold Membership from the store, possibly to prevent situations like the Monkey_123 incident from happening.

After some time, a rumor spread out that if one were to post That Cat picture in LMAO Pics, they would get a Rust key for free. Spread by user Snickerdoodle using three accounts on Reddit,[1] this caused a lot of bans for loads of users, mainly people who joined in June/July 2013. Later, the rumor was revived by Yoga and Shpigun, a duo of Russian Let's Players also known as Brativka VG. They said that signing up on Facepunch, going to LMAO Pics and posting That Cat would make a Rust key appear in the Private Messages inbox.[2] This made a lot of Russians permanently banned.

On the 15th of July, postal received a message from Yogi, who said that he and a few other FP members are fully responsible for That Cat spam and that he congratulated the moderators for their well done job. In the end, postal permabanned 132 people, BANNED USER permabanned 118 people before locking the thread, Swebonny permabanned 3, and Craptasket, MaxofS2D, and JohnnyMo1 permabanned one Russian each.

On December 10th, 2013, Rust released on Steam via Early Access, thereby ending the distribution of keys.


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