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OIFY culture refers to the culture of the OIFY forum section and its regular members.

Due to the 'public image' the section's regulars had created for OIFY, the influx of new users was lowered, resulting in a steady community where members recognized one another. As a result, while its members may have paid attention to what was going on in the rest of the forum, culturally OIFY contrasted.

You'll Figure It Out

Figuring it out.
You'll Figure It Out is the meaning of the flipped abbreviation OIFY. It was the common response people got when they asked how to get inside OIFY, and it directly referenced to the fact that the OIFY was hidden from the rest of the forums.

From OIFY's conception and onwards, a user could only enter the OIFY by directly entering it's corresponding subforum ID in the forum URL. This number remained a closely guarded secret for an extended period of time. People who were told the number, or figured it out, were submitted to Freshman Fridays.

Garry regularly changed how to access OIFY - ranging from entering the subforum ID, to password protected, to gold member only. When this happened, everyone had to figure it out all over again. Generally, though, the subforum ID remained the one true way to access OIFY. This practice eventually faded out.

Freshman Fridays

Freshman Fridays was a day (very often, but not always, on Friday) on which members that were new to the OIFY were banned. These new members were randomly selected from a group of new members who figured it out.

At the end of '08, Freshman Fridays were enforced less and less, and mods became less involved in maintaining OIFY. By the start of the new year, Freshman Fridays were a thing of the past.

Cool Cats of Facepunch

The Cool Cats of Facepunch (otherwise shortened to CCOF) is a group of ex-Facepunch regulars and OIFY veterans.

Created in May of 2008 by OIFY regulars, it was originally a Steam group[1] (largely inactive, though now calling themselves just the Cool Cats) filled with people who were important to Facepunch in some way, and enjoyed the conversations they had both in and outside the OIFY. The group's chat always had members in it but remained largely inactive until 'the US fags' got home from work or school. Outsiders to the group have always referred to CCOF as an 'OIFY elitist' group, but the group itself has always accepted new people provided they were, in their eyes, 'cool peeps'. Today, they largely hang out with one another over Slack, which requires users to register to one specific group in order to join the chat. They also apparently started a Snapchat group.

The Straw That Broke OIFY's Back

Much of the information mentioned here was sourced from a Pastie.Org text file,[2] but the site itself is inaccessible and seems to have remained so since 2016.[3] If anyone can access and extract whatever the file had, that would be immensely helpful.


On a cold evening in early 2012, to the awe of the population of the Facepunch forum at large, but more intensely of the couple dozen users who lurked and participated in the more avant-garde communities in the forum, garry finally did what many had been anticipating for months and fearing for years, and pulled the plug on OIFY. Not many knew the true reason why it happened, and most assume it was done on a whim because the forum was dead or garry was sick of it. For a long time, the real story was unknown to most, because those affected by it were vexed and those who participated in it didn't care. In reality, OIFY's closing happened over the course of about a year and was a takedown from within its own community.

Events leading up to the controlled demolition of OIFY

The original catalyst to this event is Craptasket's becoming a moderator on the Facepunch forum. This was divisive to CCOF, and by extension to OIFY, as those who opposed him began taking sides against those who supported him and eventually formed their own collective, Trilluminati (also known as Slate Mafia, Deep Web Mafia, Deep Web Killaz, Slates Assassins, Slatez Azzazzinz, Zlatez Azzazzins, The Dog Club), which was loosely based upon the former anti-CCOF group Dashing Dogs of Facepunch.

At the same time, those in CCOF began to take less interest in posting in OIFY or on Facepunch at all and spent most of the time communicating with each other in CCOF, which led to OIFY slowly losing its senior regular populace, allowing many newbies and posters who were disliked by the regulars to post, leading the forum to becoming chaotic and bohemian as no one was watching over it.

These posters began taking over the forum, making it into a /b/-lite and dethroning the CCOFers, while Craptasket refused to do anything about it, despite it being his responsibility to watch over the forum as OIFY mod.

Meanwhile, those in Trilluminati were constantly being oppressed by Craptasket, who would ban them at every possible occasion regardless of whether or not they were breaking any rules. After negotiating with him, they were allowed their main accounts back under the circumstance that they were never to post outside of OIFY.

Upon their return to OIFY, all that the Trilluminati boys found was a wasteland full of 4chan memes and people they disliked and there was nothing they could do about it. On this day, they agreed that there was but one thing to do: it was time for OIFY to go.

What they did

For reasons mentioned above, this section remains empty.


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