Most. Disturbing. Picturebook. Ever.

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The Picturebook.
Most. Disturbing. Picturebook. Ever. was a thread created by user Athena in General Discussion on the 15th of August, 2007.[1]
Here's the most disturbing children's picture book ever. It's called "Alfie's Home" by Richard A. Cohen. It looks like it was written and illustrated by someone on 12chan.
—Athena, General Discussion - "Most. Disturbing. Picturebook. Ever." (OP)
Athena then went on to clarify that they did not take the pictures that were posted in the OP nor that they owned the book, followed by several pictures of the book in question.
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Pete The Pedo .

The general plot of the book is about how it's OK to tell an adult that someone touched you in an inappropriate place, but the seriousness of the book was largely ignored in favor of making jokes about the mix of how hilarious the artwork is and the serious attempt at a children's book.

The thread died off but was constantly bumped by numerous users until the 27th of February, 2013, when it was closed. As of September 2014, its OP is the most Funny-rated post on Facepunch according to the Facepunch Ratings Census.[2]


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