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Joined June 2005

Monkey_123 is a user who shot to fame in March 2006 when he fell victim to an obvious ploy in the OIFY.

In February 2006, Garry took down Gold Member purchases, but then reintroduced them at the price of $999.95. In the OIFY, a thread began entitled "I will give ONE WHOLE THANKS (not really), to whom ever upgrades to a Gold Membership." In the thread, some users claimed that the price was a ruse and that the money would be fully refunded immediately after purchase.

It was at this point that Monkey_123 entered the thread and read these posts. He believed the claims, and subsequently bought a Gold Member upgrade. He then wrote the words which would stay with him for the rest of his Facepunch career:



oh shit, it really says i payed 999.95. Im so fucked


im crying. we are gonna be poor. oh fuck oh fuck i need to email garry and demand a refund


Later that day, Monkey_123's mother emailed garry asking that he refund the money, which garry did. Monkey_123's words when he realised that he had just spent $1000 of his mom's money became a meme on Facepunch, and he was given them as a user title.

On the 20th of March 2013, Monkey_123 was unbanned for Garry's Birthday.