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Joined June 2007

mm3guy is a Gold Member and former moderator of Facepunch.

David Hasselhoff Incident

The Facepunch Forums during the great Hasselhoffing of '09.

On the 6th of November, 2009, mm3guy went rogue. Instead of banning users or spamming threads, he changed the avatars of various users who were online at the time to gold-member-avatar-sized Hasselhoff photos, via a custom-made script he had through the moderator's modcp. Confused users made threads[1] about the incident, blaming various moderators (although mm3guy was stated as the culprit quite early on). Garry also changed the site banner from the iconic Facepunch logo to a black and white picture of David Hasselhoff during the incident.

This confusion lasted until the 8th, when Garry changed the header back to the original Facepunch logo. However, all users had to manually change their Hoff'd avatars. As a consequence from this incident as well, moderators lost the ability to change user's avatars through the modcp.

The incident was immortalized in emoticon form in 2015, as part of Wave 2 of The Facepunch Custom Emoticon Project.[2]


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