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Event log after garry's ban wave.

In early April 2018, weeks after the launch of the New Sites Forum, garry released Update 6, which, among other things, involved the creation of a large number of sub-forums and the demotion of several forum sections and the Games forum category to a lower level.[1]

Accompanying this change was an effort by the moderator team to deemphasize the usage of megathreads across the entire forum, and instead emphasize the creation of a higher number of smaller threads, particularly in these new sub-forums. Many users criticized aspects of the implementation of the new system, such as sub-forum threads appearing as tagged threads in the parent forum section, with some saying that the implementation is counter-intuitive to what garry hoped to achieve, especially with the choice of sub-forums made. Some disparaging comments were made even comparing the current state of the forum to that of Reddit.

With the deemphasization of megathreads, users began assuming that threads of that nature had been banned, a thought which was further compounded following Hezzy's post in many megathreads across Facepunch, stating that they will be closed and advising its users to spread out.[2] As a result, the new subforums were quickly filled with a large number of more focused threads, along with a large amount of spam and protest threads. In response, garry permabanned more than 20 users. garry himself later elaborated that he didn't ban megathreads, and that the decision was solely that of Hezzy's.[3][4] It was ultimately explained that megathreads of a multitopic nature are those that are getting rid of, contrasting a thread about a video game from a thread about making items for a game.


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