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==The Team==
==The Team==
*[[jimbomcb]] - '''Lead coder'''
*[[postal]] - '''Team coordinator''' and very important ideas guy
*absinthe - Recording videos and sound work of any sort
*Anicator - Music
*Arby26 - Weapons textures and ape escape player model
*[[BigDumbAmerican]] - Voice work, promotional shit
*Colossal - Sprays, map and weapon's texture artist, complaining
*[[Craptasket]] - Play tester and recording videos and shit
*[[Dai|Daijitsu]] - Help with dubstep design.
*[[Dav0r]] - Modeling and texturing
*[[Dragon]] - Back-up coder (dead)
*drive_the_hive - Music (maybe??)
*Ducksink - Modeler
*[[Jaanus]] - Giving us all his old models and MAYBE helping out somehow more please ok thanks
*Magnumpi - Modeler and texture artist and helper with STUFF
*Overworld (Dr. Derek) - Modeling, kill icons, some texturing, making the new HUD
*[[Postal and The Rust Forum|Natrox]] - Music
*Pie_Tony - Texture artist
*Rantis - Animator
*[[Rusty100]] - Designs and logos and stuff!
*Reason134 - Old weapon animator, now mapping and whatever else we can come up with
*Sinfect - New weapon animator.
*[[SteveUK]] - Coder
*[[TH89]] - Maybe???
*[[ventilated]] - Sound work of any sort
*Harry S. Robins ('''Kleiner's Voice Actor''') - Recorded a line for us <3333
*Jon St. John ('''Duke Nukem's Voice Actor''') - Recorded lines for us <3333
<u>The Mappers</u>
*Hideous - Maps!!!
*[[icemaz]] - Runway, some MGS map, other maps
*[[rilez]] - Beach4, other maps
*[[Megafan]] - Helping rilez
*Pyth - Rooftops edit, other maps
*PhantomGears - vr_green, outterheaven, other maps
*[[Aspen]] - HL1 map remakes, other maps
*GK99 - UT and Quake maps
*Monkeyjoe - ?????
*'''Mr. Podunkian''' - Made the original Jaykin Bacon. Too busy to join us, though. Does offer ideas and feedback, and answer any questions we have, though.

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Jabroni Brawl: Episode 3

Jaykin' Bacon: Episode 3 is a Source Engine modification run by former moderator jimbomcb and current moderator postal. It is a sequel to the Half-Life 1 mod "Half-Life 2: Jaykin' Bacon Source". It is in a closed beta, with the only ways of gaining access being either donating £10 or receiving an invite. Its main thread resides in the Gold Members Forum,[1][2] but it does have a public thread in the General Games Discussion forum section.[3]

Updates to the Source SDK in late 2015 caused the mod to break entirely, and time constraints and little motivation caused the team to fall apart. The mod was long thought dead before being revived by postal in 2018.[4] Days later, formal development returned in full swing.[5]

The Team



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