I'm addicted to edging and smoking cigarettes at the same time.

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I'm addicted to edging and smoking cigarettes at the same time. was a 2014 thread in General Discussion created by user FunkyHippo! with the following statement;[1]

So it all started back when I was browsing porn and I came across this video of some chick rubbing her clitorious and smoking at the same time. So I figured "I should try that". So there I am, masturbating, and smoking a cig, at the same time. I was just about ready to almost come, but I didn't, having previously mastered the skill of edging I decided to give it a shot while still smoking.

It got intense from there, this was the moment I learned how awesome it feels to smoke and edge my cock at the same time. It's actually better than meth. Think about it, tobacco is a drug, and orgasms are pretty much a drug, so combine two of these drugs together and you got yourself a hybrid drug.

So now I'm probably addicted to something more worse than meth, I can risk getting a heart attack or some shit. I'm currently trying to fight the urge to go and buy a pack and give in to the greatest feeling in the whole world.

Menthols are the best by the way. But eh maybe I shouldn't think about it, have you guys ever done this? or have any addictions? how are you coping with it? I need help.

—FunkyHippo!; 11th of November, 2014

Most replies were of sarcasm or disgust. User Morphology53 posted a link to a thread that user FunkyHippo, the main account of FunkyHippo!, had posted over five years earlier,[2] titled "I don't know how to have sex right".[3] It was revealed over the course of the thread that FunkyHippo had posted several similar stories over the years.

According to FunkyHippo, they were lies told to get attention, but others maintained that they were true.


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