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On May 23rd, 2019, Hezzy resigned from his posts at both [[Facepunch]] and [[Knockout]], stating that he wished to work on his career, and that his "core values are now at odds with the majority of the moderator team."
On May 23rd, 2019, Hezzy resigned from his posts at both [[Facepunch]] and [[Knockout]], stating that he wished to work on his career, and that his "core values are now at odds with the majority of the moderator team."<ref>General - "Forum Discussion VIII: Five Stages of Grief Edition": https://forum.facepunch.com/general/bvxdd/Forum-Discussion-VIII-Five-Stages-of-Grief-Edition/4/#postcwzusy</ref>

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Not to be confused with the former moderator Hexxeh.
Joined January 2005

Hezzy is a current administrator of the Facepunch Studios forum. His tenure on Facepunch has seen much controversy, from his highly controversial eviction from the forums by garry, to his second term as moderator and administrator since December of 2016.


Hezzy joined Facepunch on January 9th, 2005, just ten days after its launch. He described himself as being in "the first wave of mods",[1] and, by 2007, he had become an admin on the forums and lead the mod team. He was widely popular with Facepunch users.

Hezzy temporarily changed his username to Mr. Gestapo on June 20th, 2010 after it was selected by a poll[2] in General Discussion. He retained this name until January 20th, 2011.[3]


On February 22nd, 2011, Hezzy created the Minecraft forum section, as the game had gone through 57 megathreads in General Games Discussion, and Games In Progress was populated largely by Minecraft server threads. Hezzy was himself a fan of the game, and ran his own roleplaying community called Nationcraft, with many Facepunch users being members. As he considered it "a Facepunch project," he gave NationCraft a sub-forum within the Minecraft section.[4]

The next day, garry discovered the forum section. Surmising that it only existed "to make Hezzy's project subforum more viable," he deleted it, along with its sub-forums and all the posts within, and de-adminned Hezzy. Hezzy later speculated that garry had intended to re-admin him after he had "learned his lesson," but rather than apologize, Hezzy challenged garry in the Moderator Forum, saying he had "deleted probably thousands of hours of work" by Facepunch users.[4] In response, garry demodded him as well, saying he "couldn't trust him."[5][6]


Hezzy was silent banned on June 10, 2011, for which garry has never given an explanation.[7] Hezzy then went on Shoutpunch and explained his take on the events, saying garry "has no personal skills whatsoever."[1] He also said that he would not return as a mod even if garry allowed him to, as it had come to take up too much time in his days.


On May 20th, 2013, Hezzy was unbanned for Garry's Birthday.


On December 18th, 2016, Hezzy was remodded and resumed his duties as a moderator, later being given administrator powers.

Whilst many still fondly remembered the positive times of Hezzy's previous term as moderator and administrator, developments such as those relating to Tudd Fudders, the constant towing by the status quo as re-established by garry, and the handling of some instances of criticism would cause a downturn in his popularity within the wider community, magnified in some ways by the unreliability of his direct contact with garry (being not only from the UK himself, but also properly working for the studio part-time), highlighted by the Great Facepunch Migration of 2018.

While Hezzy does receive some sympathies due to the difficulty of the position he's in, his own failings, direct or indirect, since his remodding have impacted not only the public perception of his character, but also that of the forum.


On May 23rd, 2019, Hezzy resigned from his posts at both Facepunch and Knockout, stating that he wished to work on his career, and that his "core values are now at odds with the majority of the moderator team."[8]


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