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Hardware and Software
"Hardware, Software.. all kinds of wares. Except actual warez. Cuz that gets you banned."
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Hardware and Software is a Facepunch forum section used to discuss computer-related technical topics. It has existed for a long time, originally as PC Hardware & Software, with the PC being dropped early on, containing the other relevant forums as sub-forums as part of the Facepunch forum category.

As a result of the 2011 forum section reshuffle, it was expanded to a forum category itself, with its subforums being turned into proper forum sections, including Programming, Web Development (these two later coming together with the Mapping and Modelling forum sections to form the Developers forum category), Technical Support and PC Building, while the old forum section was named Hardware and Software - General Discussion (which didn't occur for the Creationism Corner forum section when it was made into a forum category).

During the 2015 forum section reshuffle, this section was once again moved to the Facepunch forum category, as a result of its forum category being deleted, absorbing its fellow forum sections and disposing of the "General Discussion" title.