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General Disruption
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General Disruption was a Facepunch forum created around Late April of 2013 with no intention or reason given. Many users believed at the time that it was going to be a major idiot cull, but it turned out to be an experiment by garry. General Disruption was the only forum on Facepunch that allowed unregistered accounts and banned users to communicate.


When General Disruption was first made, there were a lot of spam threads, some involving Child Pornography or other illegal content. The forum got wiped twice on the same day. Unlike the OIFY, which has no rules present, General Disruption has the same rules as every other forum making it what some would call "OIFY Junior."

After all the CP spam, it caused many people to make joke CP threads that had pictures of things which initials were CP, mostly Club Penguin and Cheese Pizza.

In Late July of 2013, the section was deleted by Garry. Soon after, a new GDI appeared elsewhere outside of the forum.[1] This GDI is currently inaccessible to the public, presumably even offline. Its contents to the public was apparently replaced with a flashing Goatse with music in the background.


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