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Joined August 2009

GastricTank is a Gold Member of the Facepunch Studios forums, recognizable by his art style.

He originally created art using the eraser tool in MS Paint, a defining era in his eyes, ushering the development of his current style. In September of 2015 however, he switched focus after having purchased a Wacom Intuos, prompting him to switch to different paint software, currently the freeware version of FireAlpaca. While still posting art on the forum itself, he has a Tumblr as well.[1]

Formerly active within the Team Fortress 2 and MS Paint Adventures communities on the forum, nowadays he mainly spends his time in the Pokémon Thread located in General Games Discussion, whilst lurking LMAO Pics on the side. His crowning jewel from that early period (and even now) is the interactive forum game "Heavy's MSPaint Adventure",[2] inspired by and styled after Problem Sleuth, using the same "user suggested commands" mechanic, though he dropped out after some time out of disinterest.

When the MS Paint forum section was still around, he hosted the "Draw Yourself" thread.[3] He also won his Gold Member status in which 100+ users entered. [citation needed]


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