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Fuck Shit Up box art created by xpod1.

Fuck Shit Up is a video game idea and a Facepunch meme. The game itself was first proposed by extremejon in the thread "The video game I will make some day" on the 13th of October, 2008.

You play as a viking teleported into a modern city. It will be like Grand Theft Auto in the sense that you can roam around freely, but there are no missions, there is no currency, and the only goal is to fuck everything up. You go around breaking shit around the city, you can hijack shit and crash it into shit. I want there to be realistic debris flying everywhere like in Burnout. One of your weapons should be screaming. If you scream at someone hard enough, they become a viking too and assist you in fucking shit up. You can either be elaborate in fucking shit up, or you can do it the simple way. For example, you hear about a business meeting in the 20th floor of an office building. You can take the elevator up to the floor and burst in with your posse and fuck shit up, or construct a giant ramp of dead bodies and burst through the window on your motorcycle

You win when the entire city is rubble, you fucked all the shit up, or if everyone is a viking.

extremejon then expanded on the viking player character's backstory.

Fine, they're vikings from space. They have their own planet, but they send Vikings to other planets to rid them of their population, so they can expand their empire.

They only send one Viking to each planet. If they sent any more, things would be fucked up so bad it would be unlivable.

extremejon's concept art for the game.

He also drew two comics demonstrating gameplay, and explained "On the pause menu you will be alerted of nearby opportunities to be a dick to somebody." He promised that FSU would "be so godly that every other game will be made obsolete," and that it would "have every weapon and ability ever conceived."[3] However, he ruled out roleplaying elements in the game, instead opting for a simpler mechanic where "you get new stuff by breaking things."[4]


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