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Forum Coin.

Forum Coins are coins that Facepunch users can obtain and use in various ways. Introduced with the New Sites Forum as part of the gamification of the forum, the implementation of the coins and the entire points system has been met with mixed reception.

Coins are obtained by just using the forum, with a rather low daily cap in place to disincentivize the spamming of posts. Just browsing/lurking can be enough, but making posts and threads can help you reach the cap quicker. Not much is exactly known about how the system works, perhaps intentionally to avoid users from gaming it, but a claim has been put forth that one's level affects one's coin rate.[1] One can see how close they are to their next coin by hovering over their coins.

garry first revealed the idea in the Forums Discussion thread,[2] with some questioning the idea while others looked at it curiously. A couple of days later, the points system was implemented alongside the level system.[3]

Users can spend their coins at the Shop that is accessed by clicking their coins. Those more generous can instead choose to give other users their coins through the new Coin and Diamond emoticons; the former gives the user you're rating a single coin, while the latter gives them ten.


The Shop is where users can spend their coins on cosmetic changes to their profile, akin to the old Upgrades system, just without the need for real money.

Users can increase the max width and height of their avatars, defaulting to 64x64, to 180x180;[4] however, the cost goes up by pixel, initially starting with 1 for 65, 2 for 66, and so forth, the cost capping at 100 coins[5].

Aside from increasing avatar width and height, one can also change their avatar background (a Newpunch addition) for 20 coins, with a recommended size of 256x512, with animated backgrounds (whether it be GIFs or APNGs) disallowed. A user can also change their username for 50 coins, which is made possible by the fact that a third party is used to log into one's account rather than a traditional log-in system. One can also get Gold Membership for 200 coins,[6] albeit now with reduced functionality, only granting one a gold username and access to the GMF.


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