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The forums

Fakepunch Studios is a parody of the Facepunch Studios forum. Running on the older vBulletin version 3.8.4, it mirrors the look of the forum pre-2009 massive forum update.

It has seen little use since 2016, and the last member that joined was on the 1st of August, 2011, according to the front page.


Fakepunch tries to mirror its pre-2009 counterpart as well as possible, it doesn't contain post ratings or smartness but it has the same thread viewing as before, in the early stages anyone who signed up to the forums were immediately made Moderators but new members were made Blue Members, Gold Member is awarded at random just like it traditionally was. The forum has Drop Dead Thread, Refugee Camp and forum groups.

It also contains a variant on the imageboard system used by 4chan, referred to as Fakechan, where each board is a transplant of the forum sections and the Photoshop Contests sub-forum.[1]


  1. Fakepunch Studios - Fakechan [external link]: http://fakepunchstudios.com/fakechan/

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