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Facewound is a 2D platform game developed by Facepunch Studios between 2003 and 2005. Development on the project stalled after Garry's Mod took off, and the game was never completed. garry released the unfinished game in 2008,[1] followed by the source code in 2011.[2] It was included as part of the public release of Facepunch Prototypes in 2015.[3]

Relation to Facepunch

The Facewound development team adopted the name Facepunch Studios in order to avoid looking "unprofessional".[4] In 2004, the team opened a forum of the same name. When garry began to develop Garry's Mod in 2004, he made it the focus of the forum, as it was far more popular and early versions had already been released. The forum began to grow around Garry's Mod, with most new users being fans of the mod who joined Facepunch to discuss it.

Development of Facewound stalled in 2005 as garry spent more of his time on GMod, and the original Facepunch Studios group disbanded. Despite this, the forums retained the name, and continued to grow as a Garry's Mod community forum. The name of the forums was largely without reason until 2009, when garry resurrected Facepunch Studios as an official company, albeit with none of its original members returning, save for garry.


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