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A screenshot of the Facepunch Wiki taken by Magistrate on July 25.

The original Facepunch Wiki was founded on July 24, 2009 by smurfy.


The first step towards the wiki's creation was smurfy posting a thread and poll in General Discussion asking whether Facepunch should have a wiki. The result was overwhelmingly in favour, and so hours later smurfy registered a wiki with Wikia, and posted another thread in GD proclaiming it "the hottest wiki on the web."[1]

The wiki was quickly inundated with vandals and smurfy initially allowed them to do as they pleased. He then made compwhizii an admin and declared the wiki "serious business", undertaking a huge banning spree which would have earned him jail time in some U.S. states.

Being experienced in wiki markup, compwhizii soon created infoboxes and designed a new main page for the wiki. Hezzy approved of the wiki and said he would ask garry to put a link to it on the forums, though this never happened.[2] garry posted in the thread the next day, criticising the wiki for giving the impression that his house had fewer than three balconies; a great dishonour in traditional Walsall culture.[3]

There were widespread complaints about the use of Wikia for hosting the wiki, as their layout was restrictive and featured large ads. DrTaxi offered to provide private hosting and worked with compwhizii to move the wiki, which they completed on August 1. Around this time, however, the wiki began to wane in popularity, and it died within a week of the move. It was then broken by a Fakepunch Studios server move and never fixed because "no one really cares anymore."[4]

The wiki was largely forgotten, although in November 2010 smurfy posted a thread on Fakepunch demanding that DrTaxi "bring it back NOW faggots," for which DrTaxi said he would charge 30€.[5] DrTaxi is assumed to still have the original database.


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