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Facepunch Studios is garry's video game development company. Although he has used the name since 2003, it became an official company in 2009 and opened an office in Walsall, UK in 2010. A feed from the office used to be broadcast live at all times on the Facepunch Office Cam.


The Facepunch Studios name was first used by the Facewound development team in 2003. When garry started work on Garry's Mod in late 2004, he launched the Facepunch forums as a community forum for both games. However, as GMod was far more popular than Facewound, it soon became the primary focus of both garry and the forum. Facewound's development stalled in 2005, and Facepunch Studios disbanded, although the forums retained the name.

In 2009, garry decided to found Facepunch Studios Ltd as a company with the money he made from selling Garry's Mod on Steam. Working with Gwilty, who was at the time completely unknown to the Facepunch community, he rented out the tenth floor of Tameway Tower, an office block in Walsall, UK.

Facepunch released their first game, Snabbo in 2011 for iOS, later enlisting the help of Facepunch forum members to design a new icon for the game. Sales for the game were poor, but in a retrospective blog post garry said the company "learned a lot from it" in terms of how to design and market a mobile game.[1]


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