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How's it hanging, heh?
This is about a Facepunch member who has died and will never be returning, RIP.

Joined February 2007

DireAvenger is a gold member of Facepunch. He died in late August of 2012.


Ninja Gnome originally reported his death in early September of 2012,[1] which user The Inzuki confirmed the next day.[2] Both users had been friends with DireAvenger and were contacted by his mother after he passed. Exact cause of death is unknown but it is rumored he hung himself. The reason of his suicide was deep depression and lack of social activity/friends.


In early August, 2014, a thread under the name Dead Users emerged in Fast Threads as a place to discuss and remember deceased users you used to know. When a moderator, Craptasket, posted in the thread, it was given attention that he had made cruel and rude remarks about DireAvenger and his death. He would eventually permaban DireAvenger's and other deceased users' accounts to prevent any further comments.


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