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Several forum users have created Custom Themes over the years. While they can easily be added on the New Sites Forum via user settings, themes for the vB4 Forums must be applied through a browser extension.

vB4 Themes

Awfully Dark

Newpunch Themes

Awfully White

A theme dedicated to recreating the look and feel of the vB4 Forums. Works best with the "Full Width Design" setting. Made by Teddybeer.

Awfully Dark II

A successor to Awfully Dark that aims to merge elements of the vB4 Forums with the New Sites Forum, all while maintaining the "dark mode" feel. Made by Inacio.

Newpunch Minor Tweaks

Minor CSS tweaks can usually be applied alongside larger themes.

Awful Double Columns

Makes the front page have two columns, much like the vB4 Forums had at one point. Made by Inacio and Diwako.

Awfully Dark Spoilers

Makes spoilers black and reveals the contents when you hover over them, like 4chan's spoilers. Made by Inacio.

Old Style Ratings Bar

Makes the ratings show only when you hover your mouse onto the post. Made by Tamschi.