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Joined January 2006

dorkster, also known as Craptasket, is a user and Moderator on the Facepunch forums. He has been a moderator since 2006, and mainly mods the Games forum category. He is also part of the CCOF, and is in direct control of the OIFY banners, icons and backgrounds together with Elexar.

Some of Craptasket's commenting on DireAvenger's profile

Dead Users Thread Controversy

When the Dead Users thread was posted in Fast Threads, DireAvenger's profile was posted, explaining that he committed suicide. After DireAvenger's profile was posted, Craptasket was seen to be posting things on his profile such as "OWNED", and "Hows it hanging? Heh." When this was pointed out in the thread, Craptasket banned the members pointing it out citing it as "off topic".[1][2][3]

One year later, in "Cleaning up the GMF,"[4] Funktastic Dog used DireAvenger's visitor messages to demonstrate why the moderators were terrible posters.[5]Craptasket called this "character assassination."[6]


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