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Computer Illiterate People Who Think They Know Things (commonly abbreviated as CIPWTTKT, and mentioned by some regulars as Sipwicket) is a long running thread series in the Hardware and Software forum section.


CIPWTTKT began in August of 2009, with user xZippy posing the question "What's the dumbest thing you've heard a computer illiterate person say?" From there on, it became a home to people posting funny stories about their co-workers, family and friends. Since then, it has been through many iterations, and when the thread eventually ran out of computer illiterate content, it became home to the Hardware & Software General Chat, having evolved into this over 8 or so versions (the full name being Computer Illiterate People Who Think They Know Things (& General Chat), abbreviated as CIPWTTKT&GC, and sometimes referred to as Sipwicket & Gamecube).


Whilst it was originally meant for posting obvious stories about people who can't use computers, it is now used to discuss hardware, debate over Windows 8 and Metro, laugh at Amiga OS getting banned, post whatever is going on in peoples lives, and just chat. It is quite a close community, with most posters being regulars.


The OP for CIPWTTKT was quite long, with rules by about 3 different people. However, a generally good idea to follow is

A simple guide to posting in CIPWTTKT&GC, by horsedrowner.
1. Does the content you want to post show computer illiteracy?
2. Is the content you want to post related to the topic at hand?
3. Do you want to start a new discussion, and is that discussion in some way related to Hardware & Software?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the above questions, then go ahead and post.
If you answered "no" to all of the above questions, or if the content you want to post is against the rules, don't post.


An actively updated thread history could be found at Kiwi's personal archive.