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The 2011 forum section reshuffle was a series of changes made to the forum on the 12th of July, 2011.

On that date, garry changed the Facepunch index to use a two-column layout with icons and re-organised many of its forum sections to take advantage of the extra space offered by the new layout. This included promoting many sub-forums to full forum sections, and introducing more forum categories to contain them. Size and color tags were also enabled, and the bar for automatic Gold Membership was changed from 2 years and 1,000 posts to 5 years and 100 posts.



The "Facepunch" forum category was drastically downsized, having previously contained all art and entertainment-related forums. Many former sections were either spun-off into categories, or moved to Hobbies.

Creationism Corner

Originally a forum section, Creationism Corner became a category, and all of its sub-forums were promoted to full sections.

The Bottom of the Forums

The OIFY was made visible here, having been passworded on July 1st. It had previously been a secret section, not shown on the forum index.

Hardware and Software

As with Creationism Corner, Hardware and Software was promoted from a section to a category, and all of its sub-forums promoted to sections. H&S was also renamed "Hardware & Software - General Discussion," though confusingly the Creationism Corner section retained its name.


Promoted from a section to a category, Hobbies also took on Film and Television and Music from GD.


The vast majority of users initially reacted negatively to the two-column forum index, saying it looked unappealing. However, once garry added icons to each forum section, many users said the design looked much better. Reaction to the forum section shake-up was more positive, with many happy that their favourite sections would be made more visible to other users. As expected, Gold Members reacted positively to the raising of the Gold Membership bar, while Blues reacted negatively, although many users saw it as an attempt by garry to convince more people to buy Gold Membership as an upgrade.