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Witness The Fitness
"Share pictures of your sweaty rock hard body with other like minded guys."
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Witness The Fitness was a forum section where users could discuss their broscience degrees[1], and show off poorly photoshopped pictures of themselves. Here you would have also found specific sports and exercise threads such as running,[2] cycling,[3] and weightlifting.[4] It was seen as Facepunch's gymnasium.

In June of 2014, the user Bradyns created the Weight Loss Support Thread[5] to consolidate the myriad of threads regarding weight loss information.


The global rules apply, but there are no specific rules for this subsection.

Users have been banned for giving poor advice, or advice which can cause harm when attempted.

Notable Events

This section was deleted as a result of the 2015 forum section reshuffle and its threads were moved to General Discussion.


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