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Wikipunch currently has a notability policy. The gist of it is "if it's not something most people on FP would be interested in, it doesn't belong in the notable categories".

Notability Policy, Long Version

Wikipunch currently considers the following things notable:

  • Forums that currently exist, or have existed in the past. (This does not include custom forums unless they were elevated to regular forums)
  • Features that currently exist, or have existed in the past, unless the feature was never known to the general Facepunch community or wasn't Facepunch specific.
  • Posters with "global" notability (e.g. garry). Posters with notability only within a specific forum (Sensationalist Headlines) or thread (LMAO Pics) are not considered notable.
  • Major events within the forum. These events must have global notability (events isolated to a specific thread do not qualify).

Keep in mind this is not an exclusive list.

What To Do If You Question An Article's Notability

Simple - edit the article, and put the Notability? template near the top of it, like so: {{Notability?}}

This will add the article to the Articles with questionable notability category, and display a nice warning on the top of the page informing readers that the article's subject matter may not be notable enough to be included in the "notable" categories.

Unnotable articles will not necessarily be deleted, however users who frequently mark unnotable articles as notable may be blocked. After a certain amount of time, if notability isn't clarified,


The following are examples of pages with good notability:

The following are examples of pages with bad notability:

  • Lavacano :: While this user is an administrator on Wikipunch, his notability on Facepunch is in question.