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Read the Manual of Style, it's not that long.

The target audience

You are always writing for two groups of people:

  • New users who want to know why everyone is talking about pissing in a sea of piss
  • Established users who weren't around for something, or forgot the details, or missed it

It is assumed that the reader knows what things like Half-Life and Steam are, and have basic technical knowledge.

This is not ED

Passive comedy is allowed, but articles should not become "this guy is a faggot lmao." The purpose of this wiki is to genuinely inform users about the history and culture of Facepunch. You need to tell them what happened, not spend 3 paragraphs talking shit.

Wikipunch is much closer to Wikipedia than to ED.

Special templates

When linking to Facepunch threads and posts, use the NewpunchThread and NewpunchPost templates. Links which still use the old Thread and Post templates should slowly be phased out and replaced, as garry has moved everything over to Newpunch.

You can embed YouTube videos by pasting their video ID into <youtube> tags. Don't do this too much, our articles are generally pretty short so 2 embeds in an article is probably the max acceptable.

Writing style

Use proper spelling and grammar. Whether you use British or American English does not matter, and they can both be used in the same article.

If there is a new development in something, think before you write. Wiki articles often become essentially timelines, with dozens of sections and a new one added for each new development. Writing in such a matter makes articles incredibly hard to read, and should be avoided. Try instead to fit it into the article in a sensible way.

Also, avoid writing things that will need to be kept up-to-date, because they won't be unless you rigorously check yourself. For example, "Zeke129 has made 25,675 posts."

You should read Terminology before doing anything.

Finally, categorise any new articles you create. Here is a list of all categories. If it doesn't fit in any of them, you can create one just by categorising a page under it, or choose to leave it uncategorized if you fear that you can't think of an appropriate one. You don't need to categorise user pages; as long as you put a user infobox on the page, it will categorise itself.


Sources don't need to be cited for obvious things, such as "General Discussion is a forum section." However, if you're going to say "garry was inspired to create GD after seeing an ad on craigslist for a gay orgy" you need to cite a source. If you are talking about a specific post or thread, you should cite it. Otherwise, for statements such as these, the Citation needed tag should ideally be used.

You are encouraged to use <ref> tags, but inline linking is also allowed.


Since we don't have all that much to write about, most Facepunch-related matters are entitled to an article. If in doubt, ask me, refer to the policy page or just make the article and see if it gets deleted.

Examples of things which deserve an article: Shoutpunch, Nationcraft, Tales from the Galactopticon.

User articles

Every Facepunch user is entitled to their own article. User articles are like biography articles on Wikipedia, and can be edited by anyone, and should be objective. User articles should include an infobox.

A note about user pages

User articles (articles about users on Facepunch) are different from user pages (your personal Wikipunch user page that begins with "User:" and comes up when you click your username in the top-right). User pages are like your personal Wikipunch profile, and it's uncouth to edit someone else's user page. User articles are just like any other article and can be edited by anyone.

Having a user page is optional, and you could just make it redirect to your user article if you want by putting #REDIRECT [[user_article_here]]


Threads are only entitled to an article if they are notable for some reason. It's a judgement call but they should probably meet one or more of these criteria:

  • The thread is famous for some reason, for example if it started a meme or won Thread of the Year
  • It is a long-running thread series such as LMAO Pics or Dragon Megathread (individual thread versions are not entitled)
  • The thread is comedy gold (it better be really funny)

Most threads, except for long-running thread series, probably don't need an article even if they do meet these criteria - if the thread started a meme, then the meme should get an article, not the thread itself.


Wikipunch is not an encyclopedia of the internet, so internet-wide memes such as lmao over 9000 don't get an article. Facepunch-exclusive memes such as Austin Powers puns, memes which are particularly prevalent on FP, or memes that found their start on FP, deserve an article.