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Joined December 2012

WhiteHusky is a Blue Member of the Facepunch Studios forums. He was disliked for his irrelevant, badly structured, and creepy posts. Presently, he distances himself from talking about previous subjects to an extent and posts infrequently in Fast Threads, visits Hardware & Software, and the Garry's Mod forum category.

WhiteHusky was initially banned for being a creep,[1] having tried to include furry porn in one too many posts. This ban would later be reversed in 2015 as a result of Garry's Birthday. It wouldn't even be a few months afterwards that he got rebanned permanently for that same creepiness.[2]

A couple of years later, WhiteHusky returned to Facepunch in late May of 2018, having created a new account under the same alias on Newpunch, mainly due to his original account remaining permabanned, thus resulting in him temporarily losing his Gold status.[3]

His Avatar has always included his online persona ever since the profile was conceived, currently named Carlen White.


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