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What Are You Working On? (otherwise shortened to WAYWO) is a thread series found in the Programming forum section, intended for users to post interesting projects that they are working on or have finished.


Prior to the 2015 forum section reshuffle, WAYWO was a series found in not just the Programming section, but also the Web Development forum section. Following Programming's absorption of Web Development, both series found themselves in the same section. Despite that fact, they just modified their thread titles to make sure there's no confusion.[1][2]

Sometime around the 8th of January, 2018, What Are You Working On received its own subforum on the New Sites Forum under the Developers forum category, with the description "Can we make a specialised forum for WAYWO".


The Programming version of WAYWO is known for its trends, where one person posts something interesting, and everyone works to copy it. As a result, they later begin calling it dumb because of the sheer amount of people posting the same content. This happens at least once per WAYWO thread.


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