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This article is about the forum section. For the forum category, see Valve Games and Mods (forum category).
Former forum sections

Valve Games and Mods was a Facepunch forum section. The section had two sub-forums originally, Team Fortress 2 and Left4Dead, but the latter was dropped sometime in Late 2010, being reabsorbed into the section. TF2 remained the only sub-forum until it was joined by DOTA 2 in June of 2012, with SFM (aka Gabe's Mod) joining too by the beginning of July.

By the 12th of July, 2012, the section was promoted into a forum category, with the creation of the Valve/Steam/Powerplay forum section, its sub-forums becoming forum sections, and Mapping and Models / Skins coming in from the Garry's Mod forum category (with the former absorbing its Releases & Requests sub-forums, and the latter not only absorbing its RELEASES & Model/Skin Requests sub-forums, but also changing its name to Modelling). This forum category would later be deleted in 2014.