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Joined August 2005

V12US is a Gold Member of the Facepunch Studios forums, a well known poster in the Sensationalist Headlines forum section.

He is most famous for being an art prodigy after "drawing a chair with four legs" in first grade. Upon seeing this, his teacher called his parents and immediately entered his rendition of "Chair with four legs" into an art contest of which the winners pictures were placed in a charity calendar.

and there was my piece at November. A six year old's shitty rendition of a chair with four legs. It's pretty much a legend in my family at this point.
—V12US; 21st of August, 2014[1]


  1. Sensationalist Headlines/Polidicks - "High school student gets arrested for killing a dinosaur in his school assignment" (post #69): https://facepunch.com/threads/1419195?p=45755368#post45755368