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An example of a user title

A user title is text that appears under a user's username. Originally, Moderators gave out titles if someone on the forum had done something of worth, whether it be positive or negative. This changed after custom titles were made purchased as Upgrades. After a title was purchased, it would be applied once its contents was approved, with titles only being changed if they contained illegal content or if they revealed personal information about a person.

Around the 12th of March, 2014, garry removed the ability to buy other members titles, supposedly a response to third party companies advertising too much via titles, [citation needed] such as Conna and LemonPunch (examples given below). garry's user title had often been used as advertising space for different websites, usually TF2, Rust, and Garry's Mod servers.

Obtaining a title once more relied on a moderator giving one to you for something you had done, though the practice of only changing titles in specific instances remained. It wasn't until the 30th of September, 2017, when users could once more purchase custom titles, with the creation of the Facepunch Community Fund. However, titles could now also be formatted using CSS, resulting in more creative titles than ever before, such as titles that effectively acted as a second avatar.