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Welcome! - ようこそ!
Joined July 2011

My name's WitheredGryphon, but I'm more frequently known as Zethin in other communities (hence my avatar).

I joined Facepunch in 2011 when I first started to get into Source mapping. I participated in a massive amount of projects, although none of them panned out as big as I'd hoped they would. I stayed very active in the mapping community for quite a few years, participating in several collaborations and community events, even hosting one of my own.[1]

I ended up joining a small modding project named Slender: Source to test my own skills, and it ended up exploding far bigger than I imagined. This was mostly because management began to make promises that couldn't be kept, and there was very little in terms of communication, and the project ended up completely crashing. It was rebuilt from the ground up under new management and renamed "Faceless," which I'm not sure if it's even under development anymore but you can find its Steam page still up.[2]

Between the nightmare of a time that was Slender: Source/Faceless and with me simultaneously moving to college I pretty much gave up what I considered full-time mapping and only dabbled in it every now and again.

Since my mapping "career" ended I've mostly participated in the Sensationalist Headlines and General Games Discussion sections. I started up my own YouTube gameplay channel where I became a pretty well-known player among a small gaming community. Although I don't really actively upload videos, I use my channel to share content every now and then.[3]

I picked up learning Japanese about a month ago, as I'd like to be able to read and write Japanese one day. I'm a big fan of Japanese content (mostly Visual Novels) and I'd like to be able to read games as they're released rather than wait several years for them to be translated.

Outside of that I mostly participate in the same sections, although I've also taken up Beta testing one of Facepunch's new games "Space Usurper" as well as now working as an editor on the wiki.

If you have any questions or want to know anything about me then just feel free to PM me on Facepunch or contact me on Steam. じゃな!

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