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Joined October 2007

smurfy is a user and Moderator on the Facepunch Studios Forums, and is also the founder and admin of Wikipunch. He also founded the original Facepunch Wiki.

He is well-known for his Facepunch journalism and puns/jokes in titles of Sensationalist Headlines threads.


Sensationalist Headlines Double Post

On the 23rd of September, 2012, in a thread he created titled "China postpones ceremony to mark 40 years of relations with Japan due to anti-Japan protests",[1] it was derailed when Emperor Scorpious II double posted. When you reply to a thread after you've replied once already, if it is within two hours, the posts would merge into one as a result of the automerge system. A double post appearing, without that occurring nor another post separating them, was obviously a sight to behold.

Quickly after, Smurfy made a video mimicking a BBC news report,[2] which he edited in to the OP. Quickly after that, ThePinkPanzer created a news thread using the thread, a screenshot of the double post, and the video as a source. It was locked shortly after, with many users that posted in the thread being banned for posting in a troll thread.

Toxx and Subsequent Permaban

On the 17th of February, 2016, smurfy boldly made a toxx during the 2016 US presidental election, claiming that Donald Trump wouldn't win, going all in without introducing an escape clause.[3] He was permabanned on the 8th of November, 2016, as a result, to the dismay of many users that thought of him fondly. He was given a new lease on life after the move to the New Sites Forum.

Newpunch Return and Rise

Despite having been permabanned, smurfy didn't really disappear, remaining connected to off-forum communities and generally following developments - and so, with the news that bans would not be carried over during the move to the New Sites Forum, he asked if his account could be unbanned so that he could transfer it to Newpunch, which he successfully did. He'd quickly reintegrate, and would for a time even have an avatar background showing Detox pills, as a clear reference to his return.

Come the 19th of November, after much community involvement and organizing the then-recent UK meets, it was decided to make smurfy a moderator.[4]


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