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Hello! I'm a user that started lurking Facepunch's Team Fortress 2 forum section in late 2011, before creating an account on New Year's Day of 2012. While I still lurk frequently, I have posted enough in the last five years that I managed to naturally obtain gold!

I'm a proud member of the Facepunch RP Group, an apparent fact after one realizes that my first contributions on this Wiki revolve around refurbishing its page, left to languish since 2014. Despite being a user for 5+ years, I can be rather forgetful about details unless they greatly imprinted themselves upon me, so my activity on the Wiki may oscillate heavily. When I do edit, it'll either be minor edits that bring that page's quality closer to the norm, or rarer cases when I actually manage to contribute significantly. I also keep misspelling tidying as tiding for some reason? I blame the summary saving the first time I did that and imprinting it every time I re-use it.

I also run the FPRP Wikia, intended as a source that not only documents all the RPs the nation-driven side of the group has made (seeing as the character-driven side has 4 Wikias not run by me), but also a place where one could possibly read some of the group's more well-known RPs without having to access Fast Threads. Unfortunately, after the group moved outside of that sub-forum, this benefit was sort of made redundant, though folks within the group still appreciate the work I put into it, especially since the Wikia is mainly operated and kept up by myself.

For providing all the links to every single one of the group's RPs in its move to Games in Progress, Hezzy offered me a custom title, an offer I took him upon 2 months later, resulting in "Roleplaying Procrastinator", which each word linking to the group's General Chat thread and Wikia respectively.

Hopefully I may prove of service, but I don't know if I can guarantee that! And before anyone says anything about this page, I don't think I'm deserving of my own proper page on this Wiki. If you want to tell me anything, feel free to use my user talk page for that purpose!