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Joined February 2005

usaokay is a Gold Member of the Facepunch Studios forum, and a Garry's Mod comic maker for nine years (and counting). He shares his views and commentary on video games; and would crack a joke when given the opportunity. Once in a while, he would make either Garry's Mod screenshots or a comic (most often the latter); most of which are usually set in a comedic tone.

usaokay would regularly lurk around the forums, but he would mainly frequent Sensationalist Headlines, Screenshots, Movies, Saves and Dupes, DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2, Fast Threads, General Discussion, In The News Node, and General Games Discussion. Due to being on the forums for nine years, he would witness various events from Sopme Milk, to Hoffpunch, and That Cat.

usaokay has been perma-banned twice. His first permaban was the result of internet drama between the Facepunch and PHW Comics community.[1] His second permaban came at his request, so he could focus on school. Both times, usaokay has been unbanned due to Garry's Birthday.

He is renowned for frequently making jokes around the forum.

Notable Contributions

Comic Maker

Usaokay always wanted to make comics ever since he was in second grade. This occurred when he had gone to Six Flags, and while watching some attraction, he saw and met Batman for the very first time. What helped motivate him to further pursue the hobby was after reading Garfield, the Far Side, and Calvin & Hobbes. His very first comic was some poorly made interactive comic starring an M&M superhero. Since he didn’t have a lot of self-esteem in drawing, he ditched drawing comics, but focused on making other people entertained by his ecstatic antics.

Fast forward into his Middle School days, he started reading several Garry’s Mod comics on Facepunch and PHW Comics. Since he loved a comic called Herb, he wanted to be like the big boys and dip his toe into the adult pool. Despite his age at the time (11), he set out to create his very first Garry's Mod comic, and it was horrible. After a disparaging disagreement between the Facepunch mods, PHW mods and creator, and himself, he was perma’d from both sites. However, he still had a love for comics, and thus joined the Concerned forums. There, he started one of the longest running and lazily worked-on Garry's Mod comic series, Servers[2][3].

After creating several Servers comics and screenshots, Garry's Mod comics started to die out a year after PHW Comics' fall and the rise of Machinima began. Thus, usaokay focused on creating comics aimed towards those who prefer to read about an already established and popular universe. This became the birth of Video Games Originals, and its sister series, Team Fortress 2 Originals. Today, usaokay has made over 20 different comics and over 40 different screenshots. Even with Source Filmmaker outshining Garry's Mod, usaokay would still prefer to use Garry's Mod for reasons unknown.


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