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Tudd Fudders
Joined September 2010

Tudd Fudders (formerly only Tudd) is an infamous user on Facepunch. He was known for being the most recognized Donald Trump supporter on the forum. Usually he posted threads that always provoked some kind of political discussion (mostly pro-Trump, right wing stuff). A large majority of Facepunch members wanted him banned because of his open nature of his political opinions, though most accused him of deliberately baiting people for others to flame him and get banned.

Despite the common perception of him being immune to bans, usually being said he's being given a free pass due to stating his posts as his own politically opinion which cannot be considered trolling or baiting, he actually was banned a few times before for breaking rules such as editorialized thread titles.

He also spawned an inside Facepunch meme with the phrase ANSWER ME TUDD, which first started with Trump threads that had a considerable negative topic but Tudd deliberately ignoring the threads. The phrase ANSWER ME TUDD has then been used commonly in Trump threads, and afterwards spread into unrelated threads where users in jest use thed phrase for a question or topic that cannot be explained easily.

On April Fool's Day in 2017, he was jokingly assigned as a moderator for the day and was put in charge of the new Polidicks section. Tudd was given reign to ban any people with contrarian or negative posts regarding Trump, and threads posted with labeled 'fake news' sources.

He was permabanned on the 26th of March, 2018,[1] an event many of his detractors thought of as impossible, and was celebrated in some circles. A subsequent 12 hour "test" ban was made, which caused confusion and confusion-induced anger for plenty of users, in an attempt to unban him (though it was also done to see whether ban reductions worked), but this ended up failing and it was decided to fully acknowledge his permaban a day later. Once unbanning was implemented, Tudd was temporarily unbanned, and the moment he attempted to continue his usual shenanigans, he was officially permabanned.[2]


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