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A Toxx Clause is when a user says something that they'll do if a certain event happens or else they'll be permabanned, the original use of this comes from Something Awful where a user called Toxx got permabanned for not doing what he promised when something happened, while there are no rules surrounding this, it is generally accepted.

Notable Toxx Clauses

  • Samoht claimed that GTA V PC would 100%, never be announced or released. He has since been banned by Craptasket.[1]
  • Scotty predicted Scotland would vote for independence in the 2014 referendum. He was banned by Orkel.[2]
  • Zee Captain said that Half Life 3 would be announced at Gamescom 2012. He was banned by Asaratha.[3]
  • Sir Whoopsalot, asserting that pricematching a fake Amazon listing is fraudulent, said he would cook and eat his hat if it wasn't a deliberate deception. He has not had to cook his hat.[4]
  • smurfy claimed that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 US Presidential Election in February 2016. He was permabanned by Craptasket on 8 November 2016.[5]
  • Starpluck infamously asserted that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 US Presidential Election in February 2016,[6] later doubling down on his assertion[7] before giving himself an escape clause - having to purchase a large Israeli flag and post a video of himself eating it.[8] Once the day arrived, he attempted to weasel his way out of doing his escape clause by eating a cake that just happened to be decorated with the image of the flag.[9] Things would just progressively get worse for Starpluck, and much of the Toxx Trackr thread thereafter discussed his toxx in detail. In the end, to affirm his unwillingness and inability to commit to his escape clause, he was permabanned by every moderator on the forum. It has arguably become the most infamous toxx on the forum.[10]


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