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The Jessi Slaughter Thread was a thread made on Facepunch in 2010 that is known for being a thread where an estimated amount of 72 bans, some being perma, happened mostly by the metaphorical hands of TH89. Most of those who were banned were unbanned by garry, who also banned TH89 in response.

The Incident

On the 19th of July, 2010, Prismatexv8 posted a thread called "Jessi Slaughter thread" in which he posted the famous "You done goofed!" video along with a long post about what was happening to Jessi as well as info having to do with other similar cases.[1] Facepunch immediately followed up with meme replies, with the very first post in the thread being "She dun goofed". Eventually, there was discussion of a raid or similar behavior going on in the thread, where-in a fair amount of people joined into the conversation.

Eventually, TH89 went into the thread, and proceeded to ban large amounts of the members who posted inside the thread, going as far as permabanning some of them. Eventually, member Doomish pointed out a highlighted word in a previous post by TH89 in that thread stating that "That highlighted word right there is why none of what you did was fair at all", to which, TH89 replied with "Who said we had to be fair?". The post that TH89 made proceeded to be the post in which garry permabanned TH89 with the reason "Worst moderator ever."[2] and also decided to unban most of the people who were banned in the thread. Eventually, TH89 was unbanned and even re-modded as well.


The impact in which the event had on the forum caused most members to proceed to never talk about Jessi Slaughter again.


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