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Gold Membie Fuck Bunker
"Discuss how your gold name on a forum entitles you to everything"
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The Gold Members Forum (commonly abbreviated as the GMF) is a Facepunch forum section visible only to Gold Members. The section largely mirrors General Discussion but with more elitism and facial hair. While talking about the GMF used to be bannable, this is not the case today. Leaking the GMF's contents remains bannable, but some things such as mr apple's saga have been announced by garry and so are presumed excluded.

This forum section was formerly a part of the Glod Menbers forum category, until the 2014 forum section reshuffle, when it was removed. The GMF found a new category in the form of the Facepunch one.

On the 22nd of November, 2017, it became the fourth section of the forum to be moved to the New Sites Forum (taking Golds Gamings and Golds Workshiop with it),[1], where it was renamed Gold Membie Fuck Bunker.

Publicly known GMF developments

Aside from those developments that are documented in their own articles (e.g. mr apple), there have been quite a few developments that were brought about by public discussion on the forum section - though none as well-known as Zonesylvania's "Cleaning up the GMF" thread.[2]


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