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Team Fortress 2 was a Facepunch forum section which allowed users to talk about the game of the same name by Valve Software. Originally a sub-forum of the Valve Games and Mods forum section, after that section's promotion to forum category, the sub-forum was made into a forum section.

The Facepunch community was among the more recognized for the game, due to serving as a hub for cosmetic item and weapon creators (through the TF2 [Mod] Emporium, started by Daimao and Mister Royzo) and as an active hub for speculation on incoming events (through the Major Update Speculation threads), most famously during the lead-up to Mann vs. Machine's release. While its recognition had diminished over time (just as activity within the game went down), along with the rise of communities on sites such as Reddit, the Facepunch community is still well-regarded.

As a result of the 2014 forum section reshuffle, it was moved under the Games forum category. After the 2015 forum section reshuffle, it was the only Valve-related forum section left, displaying the longevity of the game and its community. However, that was not to last, as during the 2017 forum section reshuffle, due to the section's great decrease in activity (paralleling the lack of perceived activity from the team working on the game), it was decided to rename the section into the Valve Games Discussion in late July, to occupy the void left empty by the deletion of Valve/Steam/Powerplay.