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Joined January 2005

TH89 is a member and former moderator of Facepunch. He is known for being the main creative mind behind the currently on-hold source mod Tales from the Galactopticon. He is also known for being the leader of Da Bomb Squad and has a webcomic he is currently making using the story of Tales from the Galactopticon called "Dullahan". TH89 remains famous for the ban nuke on The Jessi Slaughter Thread.[1]

TH89 is also well known on Facepunch for various hip-hop tracks he created and shared, most notably "What's Your Deal Ryu-Gi?"[2] in which he details the story of creepy FP poster Ryu-Gi up to the point of him getting permabanned. In early 2012, TH89 released his "Super Excellent Mixtape" under the name "Swagberg" on Bandcamp[3] to universal acclaim.


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