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Promotional banner for Super Cereal V2.

Super Cereal RP is a Facepunch community Gmod server run intermittently by Noss. It ran for several weeks in the summers of 2012 and 2013, and a third edition is eagerly anticipated by all of Noss's fans including smurfy and smurfy.

Noss describes Super Cereal RP as "a semi-serious roleplaying environment, which isn't governed by Nazi 12 year-old admins on a power trip".[1]

V1: Summer 2012

The first version of Super Cereal RP launched on 7 August 2012 and ran until around 25 August.[2] It was plagued by disagreements over which map to use, which resulted in frequent map changes.[1]

V2: Summer 2013

Super Cereal V2 launched on 24 July 2013, with Noss hoping to "learn from the mistakes" of V1 by making fewer map changes.[1] One of the most memorable events on V2 was the Golfspike affair, which culminated in the entire server impersonating Noss and mobbing a single player.[3]


Noss said in August 2014 that Super Cereal would be returning "in a few months."[4] V3 will purportedly feature a custom map and gamemode, with Noss bizarrely remarking "I'm also Steve Jobs"


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