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Joined February 2007

Spork-Juct is a former moderator of the Facepunch forums. He was a frequent troll and shitposter in the video games section, so the mods decided to appoint him as a mod there as an opportunity for "shenanigans." They then "may or may not have forgotten to demod him."[1] He was regarded by most users as a bad moderator.

DVD Rewinder Whistle Blower

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One day a user posted a video showing off a fake "DVD rewinder." Spork-Juct replied seriously, claiming such a device wouldn't work, because DVDs do not need to be rewound. He was then given a title saying "DVD Rewinder Whistleblower" with a link to the (now closed and forgotten) post.

Post-ban life

After being demodded, Hezzy made a thread calling him out for his behavior and explaining the situation. He posted a chat log and several audio files of a Skype chat Spork was involved in.

Spork then briefly assumed the identity of EgOReBeL, believing that people would hold a grudge and mock him. Eventually he returned to posting with his old account.


Hitler was a good government leader. A little crazy, yes, and a little genocidal, but who likes jews anyways?
I was going to be the American Hitler :downs:
Don't laugh, I actually made a small philosophy I call Sporkism.


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