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Joined March 2010

Slithersoul is a blue member of the Facepunch Studios forums.


In 2011, Garry set up Facepunch to use Cloudflare in an attempt to reduce the load on his servers. The process had an unintended side effect: users found that even after clearing their browser's cache, their avatars would not update anywhere on Facepunch except the control panel. This was eventually traced back to Cloudflare caching the old avatars and never updating them. Slithersoul's response to this was to post in AUATF about it frequently, with steadily increasing levels of rudeness.

Garry eventually got fed up with this.[1] He fixed the avatar problem, but forced all blue members to have no avatar (gold members and mods were unaffected) and said to blame Slithersoul for it. This persisted for about a day, when Garry restored all blue avatars, and modified the restrictions so that future avatars uploaded by blue members could be no bigger than 64x64 (down from 80x80). The limit was subsequently reduced to 60x60 and remained there for years, with the limit currently being 64x64 again.

Slithersoul was later unbanned in 2013 for Garry's Birthday.


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